Getting started with Google Ads CPC

adwords_blogI have heard from time to time about people saying “Google Adwords is just a waste of money”. They say this because they spend a whole bunch of money on ads and there is no ROI. Before even paying for your first CPC campaign you must make sure that your site maximizes conversions as much as possible. There are many ways to optimize your site for conversions. One way is user experience, with UI you can make it faster and more enjoyable for the user to view items and complete there purchase. You want to make sure that when people come to your site they buy something, or at least give you there email address.

Before a visitor leaves your site your ultimate goal is to make a sale, or the visitor to register on the site. Registered users are valuable down the road when performing direct marketing efforts. Call to actions are a great way to get registered users, facebook likes, and followers.

Google Adwords is a lot of work and takes a lot fo time to adjust your words and get them right. It is almost like the stock market you must watch your words and sell them when there high and buy them when there low… literally.

One program to help you manage your adwords more efficiently is wordstream. With wordstream it can help you track results and make educated decisions when buying and   pausing specific keywords.

Private CPC Specialists are also a great idea because they will help you boost sales so if done right it can pay for it self 4 times over again!

What are some things that help you manage Google Adwords?

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